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Adam Gerber shines in the role of the shaken associate pastor. - The Baltimore Sun (The Christians)

Gerber is sensational as the passionate traditionalist, Associate Pastor Joshua.  - DC Metro Theatre Arts (The Christians)

Adam Gerber tackles the role of Associate Pastor Joshua, the staunch, zealous, yet faithful Associate Pastor who wants what’s best for the church...but also wants to be certain everyone believes in a certain doctrine or dogma. Gerber plays the role intensely and confidently.  His emotion and gestures give an authenticity to this character that Gerber completely embodies.  He has an objective, that Gerber works for brilliantly - making for a stimulating and exasperating character that Gerber pulls off effortlessly. 

- Backstage Baltimore (The Christians)


Adam Gerber lies on a makeshift bed writhing with pain as the audience watches in suspense. It's unlike anything I've ever seen on stage before,  - New Jersey Stage (The Whipping Man)

Adam Gerber’s Caleb is richly realized, utterly believable in his agony, yet still imperious when giving orders and desperate when he realizes the gravity of mistakes in his past.  - The Star Ledger (The Whipping Man)

Adam Gerber does impressive double duty; he spins the coin throughout, in fact, with a believably vile Don John — terse, frigid, exuding hatred — in one scene, then pretentious, gravely goofy, and very funny as Dogberry, an Italian take on Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau, in another.  - The San Diego Reader (Much Ado About Nothing)


Video:  On the Scene - News 12 New Jersey

'The Whipping Man' at George Street

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